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The Daswani Law Company is a private limited company registered in England and Wales under number 11789453. 




SRA Number: 662717.

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Legal consulting that suits your needs


Whether you're a start-up in need of a shareholders' agreement, a trading company intending to enter into a purchase agreement with a potential supplier, a software company struggling with service level agreements or maybe just a freelance graphic designer who wants to be protected by a consultancy agreement, The DLC is here not only to draft these agreements but also to ensure that you understand all the terms and conditions incorporated in them. In addition to the drafting and review of commercial agreements The DLC provides legal guidance on various aspects of a business including franchising, protection of intellectual property, rights and duties of shareholders, VC funding and investor term sheets to name a few.


Assisting sustainable and ethical businesses is the core objective of The DLC. We truly believe that each one of us can do our bit and contribute towards making positive changes for the future generations to come. The DLC is pro-active about being associated with ventures that are ethical and sustainable- so if you're a vegan start-up or a manufacturer of solar panels or part of any cruelty-free, ethical, sustainable or eco-friendly venture, The DLC will be happy to provide you with all the legal assistance it can.   .


Would you allow someone to steal your car- probably not! You'd surely register yourself as the owner of the car and probably insure it too just in case it gets stolen. Yet when it comes to intellectual assets many a times people overlook the importance and need of protecting them. The DLC helps clients understand the different aspects of intellectual property and advises them on how best to protect and leverage their intellectual assets. The DLC will be happy to advise you on all aspects of IP law, trade marks, copyright, industrial designs, confidential information and IP

contracts and licenses.


Given our foundation and expertise in Indian Law we would be happy to assist businesses who need assistance with Indian corporate and intellectual property laws.

A full range of legal services can also be provided through fellow associates in India.


Being animal lovers we do some pro bono work for animal rights organisations and would be more than happy to extend any help we can on other pro bono initiatives.