We Draft Simple Wills

Making a will enables you to set out your funeral wishes, appoint executors, nominate people that will receive your estate and appoint guardians if you have young children. If you do not have a valid will the Government rules of intestacy will apply. At The DLC we can assist you with the drafting of a simple will.

A simple will drafted by The DLC includes the following:

Your wishes relating to:

  • Who should be appointed as your executor (up to 4 executors/alternative executors can be appointed);
  • Who you would like to nominate as the guardian for your minor children (i.e. children who have not yet attained 18 years of age);
  • Small monetary gifts;
  • Small gifts of your personal possessions;
  • Gifts/distribution of your residual estate (i.e. after all the debts/mortgages/funeral expenses etc. have been paid off);
  •  Provisions for simple last rites


A simple will does not include:

  • Complex guardian arrangements;
  • Creation of trusts;
  • Creation of life interests;
  • Right of occupation/right of residence;
  • Large monetary gifts;
  • Specific gifts;
  • Conditional gits;
  • Domicile issues;
  • Provision for disabled beneficiaries/beneficiaries with special needs;
  • Tax planning;
  • Distribution of overseas assets;
  • Disposal of business assets/agricultural assets;
  • Winding up of a company

Our fee for drafting a simple will is £400 which includes:

  • One consultation session;
  • Drafting of the Will itself (based on the Wills questionnaire that we will provide to record your instructions regarding your will).

We do not store wills. However, for a small fee you can deposit your will for safekeeping with the Probate Service. Further information about lodging your will for safekeeping with the Probate Service can be found here.

Should you require advice or drafting services regarding a topic not covered under simple wills, please let us know so that we can notify you of the scope of work and professional fees accordingly.

Enquire further or contact us at +44(0) 333 0124 094 / info@thedlc.co.uk to know how we can assist you with your simple will.

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